My Model Engineering
So I realised after much experimenting that the taig II just isn't a big enough lathe to machine the cylinder castings. After some mild panic, I decided I'm going to need some help and have set up a crowd funding campaign to try to finance a bigger lathe. Hare and Forbes / Machinery House have their L160 lathe on special till the end of the month, hopefully I can get the lathe and some necessary accesories for it. The Lathe. The Campaign. In the mean time, I can continue working on the brake gear.
Firstly, a quick pic' of assorted bits that arrived from Hobby Mechanics: an assortment of metal rod and bar, plus a circular iron casting From left to right; bronze rod for bushes, brass rod for steam and exhaust pipes, brass hex for glands and various other things, 2xBMS square for slide bars (and some parts of the valve gear), stainless steel rod for the piston rods, stainless steel rod for the valve spindles, silver steel rod for the crosshead pin, brass flat for valve nuts, some BMS angle for the motion brackets, more silver steel rod for valve gear and parts of the brakes, more brass rod for steam pipes, copper blast pipe, and finally the ring of cast iron brake shoes. Last night I did a bit of work, and am greatly missing having a bandsaw; a quick 20 minute job ended up taking over an hour. This is just the pull crank for the brake gear, it's not pinned in place yet - that can wait till after the hangers and pull rod are in place. under the loco frames, showing the new pull crank for the brake gear Next I'll turn up some pins for the brake hangers, make the hangers themselves, then machine the brake shoes; the pull rod will be done last, with everything else assembled, so I can get the length right.
Well I've placed an order with Hobby mechanics for the brake blocks, as well as most of the steel, brass, and bronze needed to get the chassis on air. Forgot to get cylinder rings though, which they stock, but I can get them later when I'm closer to needing them (along with anything else I might've missed). A chance mention to a neighbour has given me a potential line on some bright mild steel; turns out he's mates with one of the higher up's in one of the states biggest steel distributors, so says he'll be able to get me what I need without problems, brilliant! I've also been fiddling with potential setups for machining the cylinder casting in a lathe that's really too small for them. Looks like it'll take a bit of fiddling with pipe centres and the fix steady, but will ultimately be doable.